Taking a Stand!

Over the past three weeks, teens from the GRIL U teen leadership program have been going out and using their voice for community impact on various injustices.  Two weeks ago the teens from the Navigators and Bethany Christian Services raised awareness about the topic of stereotyping while teens from The Other Way Ministries worked to raise awareness on the topic of education. 

Tiara Harris, a teen from The Other Way Ministries shared the following about her experience:
“The main point of our silent demonstration was education. We made posters expressing our views and knowledge and stood silently on Pearl St. (downtown in front of the Gerald R Ford Museum). Since there were four of us and four different corners, we split up. Within 15 minutes we had at least 40 people honking their horns because they agreed with us, and we also had a sign that said “Honk 4 Education.” After an hour of raising awareness, over 150 cars were honking for education, including a couple of buses, 2 motorcycles, 1 police car and a motorcycle. People kept coming up to us asking about what we were doing. Being outside among citizens just like us opened our eyes and showed us that we as people need to come together and fix a system that is bigger than us, but together and with God’s will we can do all things.”

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