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What is GRIL doing this summer you ask?

Well, we have some awesome leadership and social justice programming going on in partnership with two Believe 2 Become High School sites (Brown Hutcherson and Jubilee Jobs).

Brown Hutcherson Ministries, which is held at Ottawa Hills High School, serves 50 young men called “Young Men Moving Mountains”.  This site was created to empower men to succeed now and in the future.  In the program, they explore math in the workplace while gleaning leadership skills.

This week, the young men participated in leadership activities that helped them examine issues related to having a positive self-image. Through journaling and group excises that touched on the realities of wrestling with stereotypes and negative self-image, they created an atmosphere of truth. Amazing dialogue took place as they did the work to identity and name positive black male role models of which they are connected to or familiar with in their schools, churches or communities at large.

The young leaders with the Jubilee Jobs Yes! 4U: Earn and Learn All Year Long program are learning about what it means to be a leader.  They spent time learning about the definition of leadership and debating about whether leaders are BORN or MADE.  This is a conversation we often have with teens which relates to the work of GRIL.  We believe that yes, leaders are born but more importantly that the extent of a leader’s impact is based on their willingness to learn, grow and be developed.

The young leaders also spent time better understanding their leadership through the eyes of others.  Are you a Vain, Self Centered Leader, a Natural Leader, a LIvely Center of Attention Leader, a Careful Leader or a Shy Warrior Leader?  Take a minute to see at:

We are expecting great things out of these young leaders – empowered/strenghthened to transform their communities!