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Becoming Christ’s Ambassadors of Reconciliation

The GRIL U teens met in their small groups this week to learn about what it means to be a reconciler.  They learned that reconcilers are inspiring, intentional and implementers.  They studied 2 Corinthians 5:16-21.  They looked at some of the skills of a reconciler and then completed an assessment on themselves to determine areas to grow.

As reconcilers/Christ’s Ambassadors, are you inspiring, intentional and an implementer with your relationship with God and others?  If we can work on our relationship with Christ first, out of that overflow we can be reconcilers with others.  In GRIL U, these young leaders have been and will continue to work on this as they begin to learn about community leadership and justice.  GRIL often shows this ‘Change’ photo, which is the work God has called GRIL, it’s participants and alumni to.  If you take a look at the second photo (which was taken before the ‘Change’ photo), you see hands opened up as a means of worship; as well, you see the interactions with each other with.  Before we go and do the greater work of causing community change, let’s first work on our relationship with Christ and ourselves – out of that work, the overflow, God will use us for the greater kingdom impact.