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GRIL Adult Breakthrough Leadership Program Training  2017-2018

If you are a leader with the power to cause change in your organization and are ready to grow as a leader in our community, consider signing up for our Adult Breakthrough Leadership Program!  The cost is $1000 with scholarships up to $550.  Contact us at for more information or an application!

 All trainings will take place at GRIL’s office (2010 Kalamazoo SE) from 9am-5pm unless otherwise noted.      

September 29 and October 20:  Focus is on the following in dealing with Personal and Organizational Assessments:  DiSC Personal Profile, Situational Leadership II by Ken Blanchard, Mission Statement Development/Revision, Ministry/Organization Assessment, Communication: Debate to Dialogue, Ladder of Inference and Journaling.

November 17:  Community Capacity Building Workshop:  Learn to see the assets that are in the community and structuring your ministry based on the assets that the people you serve already have in place. Instead of seeing the problems and trying to address the problems, you see the strengths and work with them.

December 15:  The Core Values Workshop:  Learn about the following Core Values:

Balance:  Developing a healthy lifestyle that addresses time spent for personal, ministry and organizational needs.

Accountability:  Seeking guidance from trusted sources to integrate faith and work in meaningful ways.

Interdependence:  Working to establish a shared vision to achieve common goals.

Leverage:   Using minimum effort to achieve maximum gain

Empowerment:  Encouraging people to discover and use their gifts.

January 19:  Scenario Planning Workshop:  Learn to create different scenarios for the future where you learn to think with the different end possibilities in mind.

February 16:  Systems Thinking Workshop:  Learn to see how the whole affects the part and the part affects the whole.

March 16:  Diversity    Learn about systemic and individual racism and its impact on our world.  Learn about leading in a global world.

April 20:  Resource Networking Workshop:  Learn to understand that resources are more than just dollars.  Learn to discover and access community resources that will help you to fulfill your personal and ministry resource requirements.  Learn how to present your ministry and collective plans to ministry partners and collaborators.  Finally, learn to develop networks where you can acquire the things you need from the places around you that can help you to meet your needs.

May 18:  Breakthrough Plan Presentations.  At the end of the program, each participant will complete a Breakthrough Plan to be presented to the group.

Cost:  $1,000.

Graduation: TBD