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GRIL Adult Emerge Leadership Program Training 2017-2018

If you are wanting to grow as a leader and cause change in your community, consider signing up for our Adult Breakthrough Leadership Program!  The cost is $600 with scholarships up to $250.  Contact us at for more information or an application!


 All trainings will take place at GRIL’s office (2010 Kalamazoo SE) from 5:30-9:30pm unless otherwise noted. 

September 21:  Personal Assessments:  True Colors   Gain deeper insights, specific descriptions, fun facts and discover your full spectrum of True Colors traits.  Find your personality style and how you are coming across to others.  This workshop will help you strengthen communication, reduce conflicts and increase your overall effectiveness.

 October 12:  Balance and Accountability  Create and evaluate your personal mission statement as a means for guiding your life and setting priorities.  Discover what accountability looks like in both your personal and professional settings

 November 9:  Empowerment and Interdependence:  Learn how to improve your leadership skills to bring out the best in those around you.  The tools of Leadership Style and Team Leadership will be used to gain a deeper insight into how you like to be led and how you lead.

 December 14:  Leverage and Healthy Change     Discover how the smallest action can create the most significant reaction, ultimately resulting in healthy change in your professional setting and your personal life.

 January 11:   CCDA Principles  Prepositions are, for the most part, small in size yet when it comes to community development their importance is anything but small. IN, TO, and FOR have been the prepositions of choice for many organizations yet it is the preposition WITH that has the power to transform community for the Kingdom.  During this workshop we will learn about Christian Community Development Philosophy to discover how to transform lives, communities and systems.

 February 8:  Networking and Collaboration.  Networking is defined as a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest.  Collaboration is simply working together, one with another.  Discover what this looks like in Grand Rapids and begin building and growing your own personal and professional networks.

 March 8:  Diversity  Examine your personal bias, stereotypes and develop a personal cultural competency plan.  This workshop will also examine the legacy of race in our GR landscape.  

April 12:  Community Capacity Building:  Examine your local community utilizing asset mapping to discover the community assets that exist in your local community. Also learn about social justice issues that impact your local community and best practice tools to address issues of inequality.

May 10:  Breakthrough Plan Presentations.  At the end of the program, each participant will complete a Breakthrough Plan to be presented to the group.  Breakthrough is defined as strategic, significant, sustainable change in the way you live and work.

 Cost:  $600.

Graduation: TBD