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On Saturday, June 17th, GRIL Alumni went on assignment to better understand Grand Rapids and it’s resources. Interdependence is a Core Value at GRIL, and we pride ourselves on our ability to partner with so many amazing people, businesses, ministries and organizations within our community. Kent County is blessed with a plethora of organizations and ministries, so our continued effort to empower and engage our Alumni to transform its communities, its vital to first take the time to understand the communities and those that are already laboring in the work. After breaking down the ministries in our Hope Church building, GRIL and it’s Alumni hit the road and field tripped throughout parts of the south and west sides of Kent County on a mission to “Get to know Grand Rapids.”

We loaded into 2 cars and made our way throughout greater Grand Rapids discussing the mission, vision and services of 12 local community organizations. At each location, some were introduced to or learned something new. Observing the realities of each neighborhood, we found ourselves in organically stimulated powerful conversations about topics such as gentrification, the heart of current ministry, equity and poverty. We were fortunate to run into staff at a few of the organizations we visited, and they blessed us to go deeper explaining the rich history of their organizations. Our final stop was a delicious local owned restaurant who’s inviting atmosphere allowed us to fellowship, and grow in personal relationship with one another! We look forward to seeing you at the next Alumni event!!