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Join Us in Making a Difference!

You are invited.  If you are looking for an activity within the city to promote justice, GRIL would love to invite you and your family or friends or even teens you might work with to join us for our annual awareness-raising event that we call our Silent Demonstration.  This year we will again be partnering with The Manasseh Project and S.E.E. to spread the word about human trafficking.  We have 2 pieces coming up that you are invited to:
March 21 from 1-3pm:  We will have a trainer from The Manasseh Project and S.E.E. come to teach us about human trafficking in West Michigan.  We will begin creating posters with messaging from the training to use at our awareness-raising event on April 22.
April 22 at 5:30pm:  Silent Demonstration.  We will take the posters that we created to share the word and raise awareness regarding human trafficking.  Please come and join us!
Contact Denise at for more information!