Jordan Beute shares about his experience in the Adult Ministry Program.

The first awesome aspect of GRIL was having the opportunity to learn more about myself and the gifting’s that God has given me. I’m one who is easily excited about every good thing that is going on in our city and love to be involved in as much as I can. This is another place where I have had to learn a lot about balance. But also I’ve learned to be ok with my part in the body of Christ. The DiSC helped me put some of these things in perspective and showed me my strengths and also some weaknesses. I learned that I’m a strong “S”. (Serene, Relaxed, Deliberate) With “i” close behind ( Sociable, poised, convincing, observing). It was good to have this space, to realize more about myself and my gifting’s and be in that place where “Man’s deepest needs and my greatest joy intersect”.

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