We on the rise

No limits have control of us

Advancing past the skies

We headed for the stars

Not forgetting our past scars

But the future looks too bright to dwell on the past

Tomorrow’s ours at last

We aren’t a race, just a people

There is only the race of man

But they just don’t understand because to them we see through

So my people don’t get too comfortable

Don’t be too content

Because while the movements on

We got to get all we can get

Not just sit back and get bent

And wonder where our lives have went

A misguided youth and forgotten future, due to a forgotten past

We have to reinforce knowledge through our seeds

And make sure that our entire village is not just what our children needs

But has in their lives

Let’s give our praises to the skies

Come on my people we on the rise

Through the Eyes of a Manchild by Joe Gofoe II