As staff, board, and the organization, GRIL undoubtedly believes that Black Lives Matter and that racism is a sin.  Our hearts are broken by the recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor.  We believe that as leaders, our work is to lead with boldness in creating an equitable community with equitable systems and structures.

GRIL’s mission is to ‘strengthen leaders to transform communities’.  We believe that God created each of us perfect and in His image with purpose and the only way to live out that purpose is within equitable communities.  We believe that together, we can begin to shift the systems and structures so that all lives matter.

To guide the shift, GRIL has been creating a Pathway to community leadership and has been creating spaces for alumni to gather, to be equipped to do self-care in these times as leaders, and for meaningful dialogue that leads to action.

Kenya Brown, Chair

Ricardo Rivera, Vice Chair

Denise Fase, Executive Director

Tyreece Guyton, COO