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GRIL’s vision is of an ecosystem filled with equipped, civic minded leaders doing justice in their community. GRIL defines the ecosystem as an interconnected system that intentionally connects the power of purpose-filled leaders to opportunities to serve, lead and cause transformative change in their community, all within the lens of inclusion, fairness and equity.

In this ecosystem, teen and adult participants enter one of GRIL’s programs to grow a deeper understanding of themselves, their purpose, their communities while leading towards breakthrough – a strategic, significant and sustainable change in how they live and lead. As alumni they continue to grow in their leadership, in empowering others, in innovating for change, and in strengthening the systems/spaces they lead so that together, the community transforms.

GRIL uses the core values of balance, accountability, interdependence, empowerment, leverage and diversity along with other community leadership training to keep the ecosystem alive and moving. We are currently focusing on identifying and growing new partnerships in the business, education, non-profit and church sectors to join us in the ecosystem. For more information in how to connect in a deeper way within the ecosystem, contact GRIL.

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