Giving Tuesday

Please join us on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 by putting a Donate option on your own Facebook page on behalf of GRIL! Here is a PDF download to create your own Facebook Donate button in your own account: Facebook: Giving Tuesday If you’re not interested in adding a Donate feature to your Facebook account, please … Read More

Self Care?

Are you Taking Care of Yourself or are you doing Self-Care?  Be honest with yourself about where you are and do self-care!


Are you trauma hoarding? It’s time to let it go! Rick Rivera challenges us to take heed of this type of hoarding. Listen here

Finding Balance

GRIL alumni and board member, Darren Williamson, challenges us on Balance.  What do you need to clean up?  View video here

Leadership During the Unknown Times

We have another video for you. Although this was made in June, it is still relevant! Join us for Ann’s thoughts on Leadership during the Unknown Times. A few highlights: There are unknowns as a leader due to changes and feeling unable to provide support Lack of control in life and pressures on oneself … Read More

Self Care: Coping with Stress

How are you caring for yourself?  Ann Heerde, a GRIL founder, shares some thoughts and advice on how to do that in this pandemic.  GRIL shared this video back in May – it is still relevant today!  Share from Youtube.

Job Opportunity: Servant’s Community Church – Director of Discipleship and Outreach

  Job Title: Director of Discipleship Job Title: Director of Outreach Summary: 1.       Champion the church’s mission of being disciples and making disciples. 2.       Provide support and training to equip others as leaders in the discipleship process. 3.       Serve as a resource person for and collaborator with all those involved in the leadership of spiritual … Read More

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