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What is Your Message?

There is always a message in our mess!!! Grand Rapids what is ours?

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Equal Rights

Fighting for equality for everyone is everyone’s job! How are you helping transform your communities?

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Our Youth and Young Adults are the leaders of Today!

GRIL is working with youth and young adults to allow them to be leaders in conversation and creating action steps for equality. Our Youth and Young Adults are the leaders of Today!

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Are We Listening?

Our Youth are trying to tell us something! BLM

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GRIL’s Statement on Racism and Equity

As staff, board, and the organization, GRIL undoubtedly believes that Black Lives Matter and that racism is a sin.  Our hearts are broken by the recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor.  We believe that as leaders, our work is to lead with boldness in creating an equitable community with equitable systems […]

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Diversity…And the Kingdom

Diversity check! ✔️ A few weeks ago, we defined diversity as “Experiencing the Kingdom of God by celebrating differences.” – How do you see yourself upholding these values? In what ways do you show diversity? Through your unique skills and talents? Through your ethic roots? How can you use your values to positively impact your community? 🧐 – […]

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GRIL Graduates: Breakthrough Program

🎉👏 congratulations to our #GRIL Breakthrough program graduates! Thank you for all the impact you’ve made in our communities! – Marcus owns a business called All Marcus Productions and also works at Wood TV 8. 📸 🎬 His mission is to use his gift of evangelism to lead others to Christ through fellowship. – Jon works with Youth for […]

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Join us for Graduation!!

You are cordially invited to #GRIL‘s 2020 Virtual Graduation Ceremony! Come celebrate with our graduates! 🎉 – Please RSVP a time with your name and email to

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GRIL U Graduate: Max

🎊🎊A big congratulations to our #GRIL U graduate: Max Gage! Max is a part of the Oakdale group and attends Northview HS. His mission is to create joy in others and himself.

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GRIL’s Breakthrough Plan Fair

Join us May 18th and 19th at 7 pm for the Breakthrough Plan Fair. 🙏 Hear the stories of each graduates journey! – 😉 RSVP with their name and email to . See ya then!

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