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Emerge: Community Leadership

The Emerge group began the second half of the year on January 10 focused on community and leadership.  Rachel VerWys led a piece on CCDA principles.

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GRIL U – Balance and Accountability

On January 12, the GRIL U teens shared their testimonies and learned about the core values of Balance and Accountability. Pray these for amazing young leaders!!!  

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Freshta’s Story

“Be the heroine in your life, not the victim.” That was the motto of late writer Nora Ephron, and it could just as easily apply to Freshta Tori Jan, GRIL U alumni 2017. Few teenagers have had to advocate for themselves like Freshta, a native of Kabul, Afghanistan, who came to the United States alone in 2015 […]

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GRIL Representing on Ignite Radio

On Sunday, November 18, Tyreece Guyton, Denise Fase, Freshta Tori Jan and Lorilee Craker joined JR Pittman and Kisha Newton for a few hours of sharing on Ignite Radio!  Freshta shared her story – what a powerful young lady!

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Emerge – November 8

The Emerge participants met on November 8 to dive deeper into what it means to be interdependent and empowering leaders.  They explored these two core values through the lens of teams of which they discovered their leadership type, leadership style and how they work on teams.

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GRIL U – November 17

The GRIL U teens met on November 17 and walked through the Real Life Simulation.  Each teen had 1-2 goals they needed to accomplish.  Many realized ‘adulting’ is not all that fun!  

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Breakthrough Program – November 16

The Breakthrough participants met on November 16 to walk through the Community Capacity Building workshop with a youth focus.  John Walcott led the day which was filled with great dialogue and dreaming!

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Congrats Raeanna!

If you haven’t done so already, download/purchase ‘Journey to Freedom’ by our own alumni, Raeanna Hudnell!

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Congrats Kayla Morgan!

Congrats to Kayla Morgan for being nominated for the Advocate award with the YNPN Leadership Awards!  

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Emerge – Interdependence and Empowerment

Interdependence and Empowerment with the Emerge group tonight. What would happen if our community lived out these two core values?

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