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Self Care: Coping with Stress

How are you caring for yourself?  Ann Heerde, a GRIL founder, shares some thoughts and advice on how to do that in this pandemic.  GRIL shared this video back in May - it is still relevant today!  Share from Youtube. [video width="640" height="360"...

Job Opportunity: Servant’s Community Church – Director of Worship

Job Title: Director of Worship Summary The Worship Director is a spiritual and organizational leader who oversees the worship ministries of Servant’s Community Church. This includes but is not limited to, our weekly community worship, implementation of the mission and...

What about Race?

We implore you to begin to have the tough conversation with your friends about the impact and effect of race in America!!!!  

Father’s Day Thought

All fathers want to be able to make an honest wage for honest work, the ability to take care of their family, purchase a home, give back to the church and community, and finally save money for their future generations. Does every father have this opportunity???...

Happy Juneteenth!!!

Now that you know about the day help us realize the meaning in 2020 and beyond!!  

Is This Who You Want To Be?

Your reflection in the mirror represents who you are! Now ask yourself is this who you want to be and are you reflecting what you desire???

Equality with Equity!

We can't have equality without equity, but if we addressed inequities we move towards Justice!!!!