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Have you met GRIL’s Alumni Advisory Team?

This amazing team of alumni and staff have been meeting since the spring of 2015 to provide leadership to GRIL’s alumni movement – a movement that is working to keep all of our alumni connected, engaged and committed to the work of strengthening leaders to transform communities.  The team includes: Ben Brewer – Board and […]

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Mission Statements

     Participants with Young Men Moving Mountains spent the week creating individualized mission statements. These young leaders were directed through the process by identifying their core values, causes that are important to them and parts of their character consistent with their mission statement. In GRIL,young leaders are challenged to use their mission statement as […]

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Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats – Oh My!

GRIL spent last week with young leaders from the Jubilee Job’s B2B program looking at their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  Have you completed a SWOT analysis on your life lately?  What are the opportunities and threats in your future?

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Is knowing your character important? 

GRIL spent the week walking with participants in the Young Men Moving Mountains’ group from the Brown Hutcherson B2B program in learning about their character traits and the importance of living their lives that reflect their character.  Through a character identification assessment they were challenged to identify their most dominant characteristics and to think about the […]

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Joining with the Voices in the Community

On Tuesday, July 12, 2016, GRIL Alumni attended a City Commissioners’ meeting open to the public. We attended in conjunction with the Micah Center and a number of other urban initiative organizations to voice our concern on the decision making process behind the urban development of Grand Rapids. Many people have seen the numerous apartment […]

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What is GRIL doing this summer you ask?

Well, we have some awesome leadership and social justice programming going on in partnership with two Believe 2 Become High School sites (Brown Hutcherson and Jubilee Jobs). Brown Hutcherson Ministries, which is held at Ottawa Hills High School, serves 50 young men called “Young Men Moving Mountains”.  This site was created to empower men to succeed now […]

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2016 Graduates – Congratulations!

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Julien’s Story

Julien came to the United States a few years ago and it was lonely for him when he first started school.  He was made fun of because he was just learning how to speak English and was often bullied by his peers.  In spite of his challenges with adjusting to a new way of life, […]

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Summer of 2016

The GRIL staff will be spending the summer teaching the curriculum in different settings – this week with the Entrada staff of Calvin College.  Next week we will begin doing our leadership development programming with teens who are a part of Jubilee Jobs and Young Men Moving Mountains with Brown Hutcherson Ministries.  Stay tuned!

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Meet Noele Stith

In April of 2016, GRIL welcomed in Noele Stith as our Office Manager.  Noele has been a part of the GRIL family for over three years in doing ministry together in our community and in being a friend to many of us. A few things you might want to know about Noele. –          She is married […]

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