The power of interdependence is a living process of discovery for three young men from Phoenix who believe “a triple-braided cord is not easily broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12). Individually they share a love of Jesus Christ and a deep desire to reach incarcerated youth with the gospel and the hope of a guide, a mentor.

Executive Director of Match Point, Bill Brittain works with at-risk youth to develop productive relationships with their family, their community, and their Creator – primarily through establishing mentoring relationships. For the past six years Kevin Stars with the Diocese of Phoenix has been building relationships with youth that are incarcerated – sharing the Gospel and then continuing a relationship after release. The Adobe Mountain School of Juvenile Corrections is where David Soto from Victory Outreach serves as a Prison Chaplain, working with young offenders to develop spiritually and establishing mentoring relationships for support after discharge.

interdependence (800x533)Each one is certain of the call God has placed on their lives and the important contribution they make through their individual ministry. The process of identifying their unique strengths uncovered areas that they could be a resource to each other. As Kevin, Bill, and David began to develop a personal relationship with each other, they also explored ways that together they could integrate their unique contributions so that the impact to youth could be expanded and strengthened. Kevin shares that after “discovering the power of intimate interdependence, the relationships we have built and continue to build are priceless.”

Discovering how their training skills, their access to potential mentors, their connections within the prison system, and their community resources increase the scope of the other’s ministry potential is a continual process. Commitment to the process will allow them to discover new partnerships that enable the community expression of their individual calls to grow stronger and be more effective.

As Christian leaders, we know we need other people in our lives to help us personally and in our ministries. We know we have a longing to be close to others and be a part of a team…. as the Holy Spirit stirs your heart to connect with others and to celebrate the impact that others can have in your life, don’t resist his promptings. Begin to enjoy the kind of fellowship that you will experience for all of eternity.
(From the DeVos Urban Leadership curriculum)