board visioning

On July 31, the staff and board of GRIL met for a day of visioning and strategizing.  Erica Curry VanEe was our facilitator for the day.  “What an awesome day facilitating the 2020 vision and strategy session for GR Initiative for Leaders! It has been an absolute honor to serve this organization and work with these leaders. I have watched their dreams, their capacity and their impact grow exponentially over the years. GRIL reaches the most vulnerable teens in our community with their school and church based leadership development programs. While we have always believed it in our hearts, we now have evidence from multiple sources that demonstrates statistically significant impact across all developmental domains for each of the last 4 years.

I am so passionate about this organization that I want to extend an invitation to get involved with them. If you are looking to volunteer with an high potential organization poised for local and national growth please message me and I will get you in touch with their leadership. If you have a heart for our mission of “strengthening leaders to transform communities” and our vision of “building a network of civic minded leaders equipped to do justice in their community” please consider joining us. We are recruiting new talent to join the following work teams over this next year: organizational development, program development, marketing/communications and finance/fund development.”

We are thankful for Erica and so many others of you who have helped us become who we are today!!