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Here are three reasons why you should support GRIL:

  1. We help people grow deeper in their Purpose – Knowing yourself and what you were created to do is essential in leadership and in navigating through life.
  2. We strengthen and help develop Leadership qualities – Leaders never ‘arrive’ in becoming great leaders; they are always evolving and growing.
  3. We encourage Community Engagement – Leaders who know their purpose and continue to grow in leadership qualities have a responsibility to engage in community transformation.

Here are three ways you can give to GRIL:

  1. Your Time – A free asset you choose to share with others, but once gone you can’t get it back.
  2. Your Talents – Talent is a gift freely given to each of us, but it’s how we give this gift away is what matters.
  3. Your Treasures – Doesn’t cost us anything to minister but it costs to do ministry.

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