Meghan Aupperlee: Superhero Community School Coordinator at KCTC, Kent Innovation High, Kent Transition Center, MySchool@Kent, and SuccessLink
Super Power: Morphing from One Thing to Another
Community Praise: She has strength in “getting many different people to work together and the ability to put together resources to help in each unique situation.”


Bianca Edwards: Superhero Community School Coordinator at Godfrey-Lee Early Childhood Center
Super Power: Ability to Switch Hats in a Moments Notice with a Positive Attitude
Community Praise: “Bianca brings a lot of great ideas to help strengthen our school and community. She is out and about meeting with students and families and is a welcoming presence in the building.”


Noele Stith: Superhero Community School Coordinator at Valleywood Middle in Kentwood Public
Super Power: Compassionate Accountability
Community Praise: “Noele’s dedication to inclusive efforts for students and families is tremendous. She recognizes where challenges are and is ready to help out.”


Lynnae Pickens: Superhero Community School Coordinator at Gerald R. Ford Academy in Grand Rapids Public
Super Power: Ability to Listen with Open Ears and An Open Heart
Community Praise: “Lynnae is big on family engagement and has looked at how to strengthen initiatives at the school.”