Are you coming to the GRIL graduation on June 5 at 6pm at Calvin College in the Gezon Auditorium?  We hope so!

We will be celebrating those who completed the adult Community Leadership Program and the teens who completed GRIL U and the Ambassador Club at Ottawa Hills.

Below is a note Jevon Willis, our Program Director, wrote about the adult CLP program:

On Friday, May 10, GRIL’s adult participants presented their breakthrough plans to their learning group. Breakthrough plans, are individualized plans that participants create utilizing key components, such as Accountability, Balance, Interdependence, Empowerment, Leverage, and Diversity; that they learned during the nine-month GRIL trainings.

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This year’s class consisted of nine representatives from local churches, para-ministries and non-profits around Grand Rapids including, Bridge Street House of Prayer, and Madison Square Church and Grand CITY.

During the breakthrough plan presentations, participants identified a variety of strategies and approaches they each felt they needed for their personal growth, and to help their organizations work more efficiently.

Some participants identified how they needed to attach to less work in order to achieve better balance between their personal and their work life; some expressed a need to find an accountability partner to help them maintain that balance.  It is our hope at GRIL that our adult participants will discover creative ways to produce “good” work while achieving a viable career and a fulfilling ministry.

See you on the 5th!