In April of 2016, GRIL welcomed in Noele Stith as our Office Manager.  Noele has been a part of the GRIL family for over three years in doing ministry together in our community and in being a friend to many of us.

A few things you might want to know about Noele.

          She is married to Calvin and has two children Deven and Calveri.

–        She and her husband areentrepreneurs and own CNN Cleaning.

          She does youth ministry at Renaissance Church of God in Christ.

          She has and continues to serve in many capacities in the community with local organizations including YWCA, Kent County Prevention Coalition, Where U At?Urban Youth Conference, CCDA West Michigan and on and on

          She loves high school & college football, watching 15th century type movies , along with hanging out with her family and friends.

When I asked her Why GRIL?  She said “A few years ago Denise challenged me to write a personal mission statement.  My mission is to ‘Empower God’s children through the word of God to realize their God-given gifts so that they can confidently use them to walk out their life’s purpose’.  The mission of GRIL and my personal mission statement aligns.  I am a doer, and am committed to my community, and GRIL does the work I’m called to do.  I am committed to the people of our community and GRIL allows me to live out this purpose.