Some of GRIL’s staff had the privilege of attending different trainings in Grand Rapids.  Here are a few highlights:

–          ToP facilitator training:  Kelvin and Denise had the chance to be challenged as facilitators in The Focused Conversation Method Model.

–          Midwest Academy Organizing for social change training:  Jevon was able to attend this training on Wednesday and Thursday.  Here’s a little of  what he experienced:   “Passion is not enough, you must have a relationship to power.” Community organizing training through the Midwest Academy, helped to identify a number of considerations involved with community organizing. The two day workshop introduced a variety of considerations and tools including the strategy chart that helps to outline and layout a plan, based on power, to win. After all isn’t that the ultimate goal in fighting for social justice?

–          4th Annual Collegiate network Summit:  Jevon and Denise attended this Summit which focused on college students and volunteerism