The GRIL U teens are in the process of writing their personal mission statements.  As a part of the process of writing their mission statements, they spent time thinking and writing about their talents, as well as, what excites and angers them.  They thought about what they hoped others would say about them after they died – their legacy.  The then spent time sorting through their values, as well as, the causes they are interested in.  For many of us, this work is hard as we don’t often take the time to dream or to think about what we are called to do or what we hope to have an impact in.

During space within GRIL U, the faces of frustration turn to faces of smiles as they begin to share what they feel God has created them to do.  The joy and the relief of understanding their purpose is freeing!  What is your purpose, your mission?  If you haven’t taken the time to figure this out, take the time to do this immediately!