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Adult: Breakthrough Leadership Program

is a leadership program for those who have been in leadership a minimum of three years who are now serving in a leadership role in their organization, church or company. This process will help them plan and implement their call/purpose more effectively both to youth, families and the organizations through which they serve. Participants will take place in a hybrid model that creates monthly half day meetings and online learning.

Adult: Emerge Leadership Program

is a leadership program for those who want to grow personally and as leaders in the community. The Emerge Program will focus on growing the heart of the leader as well growing leadership capacity in the community. Participants attend a training one evening each month.

Teen: GRIL U Leadership Program

(school-based and community organization/church-based) is a training program for teens led by adult GRIL/DVULI graduates. Adult graduates invest in up to four teens to encourage growth toward becoming Cross-cultural, Servant leaders for impact in their homes, schools, churches, and cities. Participants must be a minimum of 15 years old and must be able to commit to 2-5 hours per week for trainings and leadership. Teens will also get a chance to earn up to 4 credits through our dual enrollment program with Cornerstone University or Kuyper College.

GRIL Trainings:

The Community Leadership Trainings are customized leadership trainings for all ages led by GRIL for any given amount of time on topics related to our curriculum. Contact us for more information.

Leadership Coaching and Consulting:

Contact us for more information.


What’s the purpose of GRIL?

Our Vision is an ecosystem of equipped, civic minded leaders doing justice in their community. Our Mission is to strengthen leaders to transform communities.

Why should you be involved?

GRIL is one of the best faith-based opportunities that invests in leaders, addressing their whole person, from personal to work to community life. In GRIL, participants will grow in leading their families, churches, organizations, companies, etc. to make better, long term, life changing decisions for themselves and their community.

GRIL offers two adult leadership programs called Emerge and Breakthrough and one teen program called GRIL U. Once participants graduate from GRIL, they have the opportunity to continue learning and networking with other graduates in the city; as well as being involved in the community to cause transformation together.

We believe that you are a key asset within the community. Apply today to join us in this journey.

How do we carry this out?

We carry this out through a mix of networking among participants through workshops led by alumni who serve as GRIL trainers and mentors, and through the identification and implementation of breakthrough plans for the future.

What’s the time commitment for GRIL participants?

GRIL is an intense program spanning over nine months from September – May. The workshop dates are mandatory. Each participant is also assigned a mentor who is a GRIL graduate to meet with each month. Participants should plan on investing approximately 5 hours each month for the Emerge program and approximately 8 hours each month for the Breakthrough program on trainings, small group meetings, on-line learning and mentor meetings. Again, participation requires full attendance at these events.

Are there costs to participants/ministries?

Yes, if accepted, each Program has a participation fee. Scholarships are available for qualified individuals and organizations. Contact us for more information about fees and scholarships.

Does this program provide opportunities for teens and adults once they graduate from the program?

Yes! Every alumni has opportunities to continue being involved as a mentor, a trainer, a GRIL U Site Coordinator, a board or team member, etc. They will also be supported by GRIL Staff and the entire alumni family to help them live out their purpose.

What does the teen look like who is in GRIL?

The teen who applies and is accepted into the program is a young person between the ages of 15 and 20 who is able to commit time to learning and growing as a leader. Teens who apply often show leadership potential – some do not yet believe in what they are capable of but are teachable and willing to be stretched for growth while some are leaders who lead behind the scenes and some lead in front of a group.

Can a teen go through the program a second year?

Most definitely! Many of the teens who go through the program a second time state that they learn more the second year. Once a teen graduates, they are also encouraged to participate in our alumni opportunities and to one day participate in one of the adult programs.

What is the difference between the Emerge Leadership Program and the Breakthrough Leadership Program?

Both programs are for adult leaders and take place over a nine month period.

The Breakthrough leadership program is a blended learning experience for those who have been in leadership a minimum of three years and are currently in a key leadership role in their company, organization or church.

The Emerge program is for those adults who want to grow in a deeper understanding of themselves as leaders and as leaders in their community. Participants in this program can be new to leadership, not yet in leadership and in leadership.