Are leaders born or are they made? Have you ever taken a minute to think about this question? As our teen programs begin at Ottawa Hills, Union and in the GRIL U program, teens debated this very question. At GRIL, we teach that yes, leaders are born and more importantly through transformational leadership training, they can be developed. We need to be life long learners! If you look at the GRIL logo, you will notice two arrows – one that states “natural leaders” which starts high then plateaus and the other that states “developing leaders” which starts low meaning the leader may not see themselves or the outside world may not see them as a leader or they may not yet possess the characteristics that we often assign to great leaders but takes the time to understand themselves, their gifts, their purpose and passion and begins to grow the skills needed to be a great leader. These leaders are the ones who will have the largest and longest impact! What are you doing to develop or be made into a leader?