In pursuit of increased cultural competence within our GRIL staff, all staff have been challenged to identify intentional steps that they will employ. One of the biggest challenges that we deal with as an organization is mediocrity. It is easy for individuals and especially organizations to continue to operate and function in a way that has always worked, maintaining the patterns that have been a part of our normal engagement.  In an effort to move from “autopilot” to intentional interactions commands that everyone actively involved in the pursuit of cultural competence increase their awareness of self.

In this new year, GRIL staff will be provided with opportunities to “go deeper” into examining our individual and organizational patterns. Staff will be provided with a self-assessment tool taken from David Livermore’s, “Cultural Intelligence” in addition to other reliable tools. In David’s writing he states “Awareness is active, not passive…” Staff will continue to explore ways to nurture their awareness by spending time alone, time with others, spiritual disciplines and travel, as he suggests.  We will utilize our staff time, once a month to continue to examine and explore together, how we can increase our cultural sensitivity and overall responsiveness.

Please continue to pray for wisdom and patience as we continue to move together, along this cultural competence journey. GRIL will continue to provide information and future updates.