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The GRIL U teens have been continuing their trainings on what it means to be leaders in the community.  On March 18, they went on asset mapping walks in their ministry’s neighborhood.  They begin to see the neighborhood with eyes focused on assets.  They saw community organizations at work and empty buildings that could be turned into spaces for different activities.  They saw hope.

On March 28, they learned about social justice and their power in combating injustice. They heard from leaders in the community doing the work, as well they learned from their peers who are also at work in the community.  The teens closed out the day creating a plan for their leadership in the community.  Some are committing to the work with local partners like Restorers, Madison Square Church, Navigators, Tall Turf Ministries, etc. while others are committed to helping with local block parties, river clean up projects, and other projects  Stay tuned for change caused by teens in action!